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Premature Ventricular Contraction, which is also called PVC, is a heartbeat that is abnormal caused by a pacemaker of ectopic cardiac happening in the ventricle. Just like the name, its shape is premature. This premature is due to electrical irritability of the muscle of the heart, electrolyte imbalances, medications, and so on in which then it can cause a heart attack, hard to breathe, and a pause in the heart. The symptom that may occur is the heart beats faster and sometimes feels skipped for a while. To make sure what is happening to the heart, it may need to have done the PVC medical form. It is hoped to give more understanding about the PVC medical assessment and how to treat them since this heart disease has been one of main causes of death in America.

The symptoms of the PVC are as follows:

  • You can feel your heartbeat
  • You feel your heart as if it stops for a while
  • You feel occasional and your heart beats forcefully
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Dyspnea

The causes of the PVC are as follows:

  • Blood supply decreases to the heart
  • There are changes in the blood
  • Enlarged heart
  • Adrenaline excess
  • Stress
  • Drugs: caffeine, alcohol, etc.

The diagnosis of the PVC is when a patient has defined skipped beats or paused. Usually the patient feels the irregular palpitations. It is possible to feel fluttering in the chest or pound in the neck. Meanwhile, the physical examination that should be taken to check PVC includes checking up the pulse and blood pressure and performing ECG. If the doctors wish to understand more about the rhythm of the heart, they will use a monitor for further information they need to know. After doing the PVC medical form, it is good to have some treatments:

  • Alleviating alcohol, caffeine, and cigarette
  • Exercising more
  • Performing radiofrequency ablation

It helps to reduce shocks and alleviate the ventricular ectopy

  • Living healthy lifestyle

Eat good foods such as vegetable and fruits. Also, do not stress.

  • Doing therapy

By having this medical form, it helps the patients to be aware of their disease. This heart disease is a serious disease that has been one of the main causes of death in America. After knowing the disease they have, they can immediately take steps to recover and do some treatments to alleviate the symptoms: abnormal heartbeat, dizziness, etc. in addition, they can do other thing like doing therapy.

One essential thing of it all is to be aware whether when they have not known the disease or when they have finally just known their disease. When they have not known anything but they have already felt the symptoms, do not be afraid to go to the doctor. They still have time to prevent and recover. When they finally have known their disease and complete the PVC medical form, it is never too late to perform the treatments and the do some proper therapies.

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