Medical Form for Green Card

Are you now applying the permanent residence in United States? If yes, it means that you need to submit the medical exam. In order to get the green card to be the lawful permanent residence, you should undergo the medical examination. And you will get medical form for green card. But what is the purpose of this? It is to make sure that you’re not inadmissible to the U.S in the public health grounds.

Nevertheless, you can’t simply take the medical examination with the regular doctor you have. Instead of it, there is a civil surgeon that has been designated specially by relevant immigration authority. And he or she must perform the medical examination which produces the Green Card medical form which is required. That civil surgeon that is qualified to perform the green card medical examination will receive the special and ongoing training on the issues of immigration.

Steps on Taking Green Card Medical Exam

  1. Downloading and then filling out the I-693 Form

You need to fill for the Adjustment of the Status and complete Green Card Medical Exam on the Form I-693. While you could fill out the forms by yourself, you can ask for a help from a good immigration lawyer. It happens since the small mistakes can cost you days, weeks, even months. You need to fill in your personal information then take that form to be completed by the approved doctor.

  1. Finding the doctor

As said before, the family doctor cannot act as your doctor now. They also cannot issue the medical form for green card. It is performed by the designated civil surgeon that is the doctor who is preapproved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service for doing I-693.

  1. Things You need to bring to the Medical Exam

You need to bring the partially form which is filed out. Then the doctor will fill the blanks information after the exam. You also need the list of vaccines you have already. Besides, you should take a list of chronic medical condition you have or any kinds of medication you take. There are some other documents such as certificate from the psychiatric doctor if you have once been in the mental illness or drug abuse, or alcohol treatment and also historical record of any violent behavior so the doctor can understand whether it is related to the psychiatric or maybe medical problem. Or maybe it’s because alcohol or drug abuse. The harmful behavior also includes attempt of killing yourself. You also need to bring certificate saying that you have syphilis, if you have, that must be signed by the doctor. The last, take X-Ray films if you have abnormal chest XRAY.

  1. Taking the exam

The exam is simple and straight forward since the doctor will only review you medical history and give you the physical examination, blood test and chest X-Ray. But for children who are under 15 won’t have blood test or X-Ray test and if you are pregnant you might ask the doctor to delay the X-Ray test. Then the doctor will complete the medical form for green card with the sealed report of the medical examination and also vaccination record.

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