Immigration Medical Form

Immigration Medical Form

Immigration Medical Form

Immigration medical form is needed when the applicants apply for permanent resident or adjustment of status. Medical tests can only be done after filling all the required items in the form. How to complete it would be in accordance to the request of the panel physician which is appointed by the country. In general, some of conditions proposed practically the same for every country including in the immigration medical form NZ. There are some things that need to be prepared before conducting medical tests.

The examination is useful to determine if the applicant is in good health. This is necessary when someone wants to stay in the NZ for more than six months and as a citizen or a tourist visited to the country which may has indicated with TB (Tuberculosis). In addition, it is required when people apply Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Limited Visa, including how long to stay in the country. If someone is going to stay in the New Zealand for more than 12 months, they are also required to conduct immigration medical examination. People who apply for student visa also need to have a chest x-ray if you will study for more than 6 months.

After making an appointment with a doctor who has been appointed then they need to bring some requirements. So the doctor can assess the condition. What is needed to be prepared, namely an identity document, glasses or contact lenses if using, the medication report including the dosage, relevant medical report or x-ray, and Immigration Adviser Details form if using immigration adviser. Besides, for children under 17 years, then it is obligatory to bring a parent or anyone else who could be the child’s guardian. More clearly requirements may be required as it can be seen in the US green card.

Some conditions of the applicant must be attached clearly for immigration medical form. The first is a list of vaccinations that have been made. Some people also require more detailed medical history in terms of when there is a family member which mentally retarded or has learning disabilities. It is listed in a kind of review of the condition including any requirement for special education and supervision. If a person is diagnosed with TB then it also needs to show a written certificate signed by a doctor. The certificate includes the date and type of drugs consumption, and many more.

After the necessary documents are fulfilled, some things will be done during undergo medical examination. The medical examination could be classified into three parts which are Medical history and physical examination, urine and blood tests, and chest x-ray, if required. Furthermore, the panel physician also checks height, weight, mental state, hearing and vision, listen to your heart, lungs, feel the abdomen and check the applicant’s reflexes, power and the rest of nervous system. Especially for women, they cannot get medical tests during their period or menstruation.

Breast examination is also needed for women who aged 45 and higher. Babies also get to fill an immigration medical form. However, they do not need chest x-ray specifically for 10 years and under whereas for 14 years and under, they do not need blood. It is possible that the physician keep asking the children to get the tests. For more information, check on

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