G Adventures Medical Form

One of the most important things you need to prepare before embarking on an adventure with G Adventures is to fill out the G Adventures medical form. This medical form example can be easily accessed from G Adventure’s official website (gadventures.com), which contains all the important information you need to inform to G Adventures regarding your actual health condition. Be considerate and fill in the medical examination form, answering all the questions truthfully and fully. After all, in any possibility of a medical emergency to occur, what you write in the form will be crucial.

All travelers are obliged to complete all the sections in the form—section ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’. The section ‘D’ is also required to be completed especially when you have indicated that you also have any pre-existing medical condition. After all, the more information you provide to G Adventures, the more the company may assist you if any unlikely event of any emergency should occur, or when they need to provide you other medical assistance.

When completing the form, it’s always advised for you to consult with anyone who’s familiar with your medical needs and history, such as your physician. Do it before you embark on the adventure travel with G Adventures. In addition to that, make sure that you’ve confirmed with the medical professional that you’re fit medically to embark on the travel booked before.

The location where the expedition travels provided by G Adventures will take you is typically areas with limited to no sophisticated medical facilities to find. And even though a medical emergency situation is least likely to occur, there is always a probability that it will arise. This is where the truthful information provided in your G Adventures medical form will always be helpful; it’s like the ammunition to help G Adventures assist you in any medical emergency situation if it should occur.

In general, as long as you are in reasonably fit condition, G Adventures will not find you ineligible to join them in an expedition travel you wish to embark on. This is why providing complete, up-to-date, and accurate information on the form is always required. This way, you will be accommodated safely by G Adventures. Bear in mind that G Adventures have the right to deny passage and/or boarding to any passenger who’s deemed to be unfit to be carried safely in the opinion of the Vessel’s Master and/or Captain.

Disclose any important information related to your medical condition, injury, infirmity, or ailment in this. Otherwise, G Adventures will remove you from the Vessel once you’re subsequently deemed to be not in the appropriate condition for the expedition travel for whole or in part to the conditions stated above—no compensation or refund payable under this case.

Any changes to your medical or physical condition or to your responses after the submission of the G Adventures medical form have to be notified to G Adventures immediately. Meanwhile, G Adventures have the right to request for an up-to-date certification issued by a licensed physician when such change should occur.

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