DVLA Medical Form

Are you familiar with DVLA medical form? Some of you might be unfamiliar with this form because this is not kind of form commonly owned by everybody. Here we are talking about the general information like assessing fitness up to the Drive DVLA Assessing Fitness and the Driver Guide. DVLA is the abbreviation of Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. And this article is based on the information for the Assessing fitness to drive as the guides for the medical professionals that is produced directly by DVLA. It is also the guide for the medical professionals for helping them with some enquiries from public on driving with some various conditions.

DVLA Medical Conditions at Glance

When talking about DVLA and DVLA medical form, it is necessary to talk about the UK driver licensing. The standard of UK medical for the driver licensing refers to what is called as Group 1 and 2 License Holder. The group 1 includes the motorbikes and cars. And group 2 includes large lorries which are called as category C and buses as category D. In most of the cases, medical standard for drivers in Group 2 substantially are higher than the drivers of Group 1. It happens since the weight and the size of the vehicle as well as skill needed to drive is more than the other vehicle.

And the drivers were awarded Group 1 for the motor car or category B license before 1st of January 1997 and they have additional entitlement for the category C1 which is medium sized lorry (3.5t up to 7.5t). And that is also for D1 which is minibus (9 up to 16 seats not for reward or hire). The drivers with this kind of entitlement retain that only till their license expires of until it’s revoked for a medical reason.

Under some particular circumstances, the volunteer drivers might drive the minibus which consists of maximum 16 seats without the category D1 entitlement. The DVLA medical form outlines the rules for that kind of circumstances on the UK government’s website.

Other DVLA medical guidelines are DVLA for fire, police, ambulance, coastguards, as well as health service driver licensing. It has also same medical standard for those drivers. It is because they are included in the Group 1 and Group 2 licenses. If there is any kind of responsibilities to determine the higher medical standard, above and over those licensing requirements, there will be some rests information with individual force, relevant body or service.

There is DVLA notification by the drivers or the healthcare professionals. The license holders and the applicants have legal duty for notifying DVLA about any kinds of injury or any illness which will have a possible impact on the safe driving abilities. But it excludes the short term conditions. They also have responsibility in responding the fully and accurate about any kinds of request for the information from the DVLA or the healthcare professionals. They also need to comply with those requirements of the license which has been issued and it includes any kinds of periodic medical reviews that are indicated by the DVLA. And you might check the DVLA medical form by yourself.

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