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When a person buys something or uses services from a shop or a company, it requires an invoice. Invoice, more commonly called bill, is written evidence that shows a list of goods and services that a consumer buys and asks to be performed. Therefore, blank invoice to print is directed to be useful for both consumer and company inquiries and so it becomes necessary to fill up the printed blank invoice.

A company is required to provide a printed invoice blank form so it can fulfill both consumer inquiry as well as the company inquiry. The company can make the blank invoice on their own in correspond to the need of the company. However, the basic structure that should be provided in an invoice to print contains these elements:

blank invoice template

blank invoice template

  1. Heading

The heading usually provides the name of company with its phone number and detail address. Its location is in the top of the invoice form.

  1. Date

One important thing that should be provided in a blank sale invoice is date. It should be filled up to show when the consumers do the transaction.

  1. A brief data of consumer

blank invoice template freeblank invoice template free

It should not be filled up by specific data of consumers. It only requires “name” and “contact number” in which after those words are left blank.

  1. Main body

The main body here refers to the, usually, table that is left blank in which the company will fill it up based on the goods or services their consumers perform. It contains the name of goods, the types, the quantities, the price, taxes, and charges for goods inquiry. Meanwhile, for services, it contains the type of labor, the technician who is in responsible for doing the job, the price, taxes, and charges.

blank invoice template microsoft word

blank invoice template microsoft word

  1. Grand total

This part of blank invoice to print provides the grand total of the goods and services as well as the total cost that should be paid by the consumers.

However, sometimes a company does not have the willing to make a blank sale invoice to print by their own. They tend to find a blank invoice in a sale invoice provider. In accordance to that, the company has to remember that they should find the invoice in a good quality based on their needs. These are some qualities that the company should consider to find a good invoice to print.

  • Simple

Make sure that the blank invoice form is simple as well as understandable for both company and its consumers for it will reflect the quality of the company

  • Appropriate

   blank invoice to print blank service invoice templateblank invoice to print blank service invoice template

blank service invoice hourly invoice form printed blank service invoice hourly invoice form printed

Download Blank Invoice Template Download Blank Invoice Template

Free Blank Invoice Free Blank Invoice

pro invoice form

pro invoice form

Sample Blank Invoice Template Sample Blank Invoice Template

Ensure that the blank invoice chosen is appropriate to the needs of the company whether it is for goods inquiry, services inquiry, or available for both goods and services inquiry.

Blank invoice to print is an important thing that is advantageous for both companies and customers. By providing the printed blank invoice, it helps the companies to keep transaction records in one side. In the other side, it helps the customers to understand and know the details of how much they should pay for their requests.

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