Amarnath Yatra Medical Form

Are you wondering about Amarnath Yatra 2017? It’s the most hyped event. And you can plan yourself to join this event. But before you join, you need to know some little things which are important related to Amarnath Yatra including Amarnath Yatra medical form that you need to get. This medical form is considered crucial especially if you have health problem.

Amarnath Yatra itself is a Hindu Pilgrimage that takes place every year. Devotees that come from all over the world come and they participate in this event. The pilgrimage is arduous but spiritual. And Amarnath Yatra 2017 date is around August to September. Based on last year’s data, there were great numbers of participant, which were more or less 4000 pilgrims. And of course you could be the part of the huge number of the witness in the very high and sacred aura which this event had power for showering you.

The registration could be done both online and offline. If you want to register yourself offline, you can go to the Punjab National Banks in all branches and J&K Bank also. However, we are not about to talk about the event, rather we will focus on the medical form needed for this event. Each of participants is required to submit medical form so that the authority can do the right treatment in case you experience health problem. Considering this is a massive event with massive participants, every participant has the same chance of getting health problem.

Amarnath Yatra medical form should be submitted before signing up. Well, actually the committee wants you to attach the Prescribed Health Certificate which is given by the authorized doctor. It is because you will need to walk for a long time in a very long journey. So, good condition is needed to make sure that you are able to join this event. The health certificate of the medical form should be submitted with the registration before July 2.

Every one that seeks the registration to undertake Yatra should update the health certificate which is issued by RMP or Registered Medical Practitioner.  And the separated compulsory health certificate or form could be downloaded online as well. The application is usually in the PDF format and you are going to need the PDF reader which is installed on your laptop or computer.

There are some Amarnath Yatra packages as well when you join this event. The age limit of Yatra is from 13 years old to 75 years old. And you need to understand that any medical patients will not be allowed to participate. Also, women with more than 6 month pregnancy are not allowed to participate. To novice pilgrims, an important thing is that Yatra could be traversed in 2 days, and it starts once from Baltal (it is 16 km) and Pahalgam (it is 42 km). If you want to join Yatra event but the health condition avoids you and you don’t have Amarnath Yatra medical form, you can take the faster way for completing the event which is via helicopter.

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